100K Binary Challenge Review

The 100K Binary Challenge is one of the newest binary options trading opportunities afforded by two individuals. They are Isaac Groisman and Shane Morton.

These two supposed experts are claiming that they will help binary options traders turn $250 into $100,000 within a short period of time. The entire system is based on more experienced traders bestowing less knowledgeable traders with precious trading signals.

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These are meant to help traders place better and more accurate trades, thus earning large amounts of money within a shorter duration. The two creators are claiming to use only well sourced information to impart such wisdom. Let’s see just how true all of these declarations are:

Account Types and Bonuses

The 100K Binary Challenge are offering users three different account types – the Free account, the FX Pro 2.0 EA, and the Fully Hosted Auto Pilot account. The Free account, as the name implies, is one that does not require a startup fee. The trader instead merely deposits $250 to begin trading.

This account is only on offer, however, until the 100K challenge is completed. After that, traders will have to open up one of the other accounts. With this account, traders are given full access to their Facebook group, Skype group, and Telegram in order to receive trading signals.

100k challenge

The next account is the FX Pro 2.0 EA that requires traders to pay $99 a month. The first two months are trial periods, and users do not have to pay. For this account, the minimum deposit needed is stated to be $200. The deposit is allegedly guaranteed up to $200. With this account, there is a 50 percent monthly gain.

The final account is the Fully Hosted Auto Pilot. Here, traders do not have to expend any effort. Instead, the 100K Binary Challenge team promises to manage all of the trader’s affairs on the cloud. Here, the trades are automatically placed for the trader. In order to receive all of these benefits, users will need to pay $249 a month.

There do not appear to be any actual benefits, let alone bonuses, resulting from any of these accounts. There is very little information provided on exactly what services you can expect to receive. Instead, it is heavily based on what traders need to do first in order to sign up for these accounts. Traders are expected to blindly follow instructions without being made aware of exactly what they are getting into.

What Is the 100K Binary Option Challenge?

The website offers only the minimum of details regarding what the 100K Binary Challenge actually is. The site says that traders have to invest between $250 and $500. From this, the site owners are claiming that they will help you to increase it to $100,000. Hence the name of the challenge.

This begs the question, of course, how exactly do Shane Morton and Isaac Groisman plan on doing this? This is when the information that they do provide begins to fall apart. According to Morton and Groisman, they collect trading signals from the New York and London stock exchange and pass it on to the traders. Traders also have the option to simply just copy the trades that these two ‘experts’ make, removing the need for any strategy.

These signals will be transmitted to the traders via Telegram and Facebook, alerting traders to when they should place trades. The FAQ section of the site even goes on to say that these advisors will inform traders regarding how much they should place on the trades as well. What they do omit, however, is just how these trading signals are analyzed.

There are no facts about the actual system in place or the process that is being utilized.

The Conclusion

This is definitely not a website or a system that should be trusted at all. First, there is no background information regarding either Isaac Groisman or Shane Morton. There is also no proof that there are any other team members, besides these two individuals.

Furthermore, there is little evidence that the purported system exists and even less that it actually works. So far, there have been no traders that have received any profit by following this methodology.

To be on the safe side, traders really should not involve themselves with this site. It is an unregistered and unlicensed website that appears to only exist to get unknowing individuals to part with their money.


Page Updated: 7 November, 2016