Brit Method Review

brit-method-reviewThe Brit Method is an automated binary options trading software purported by an individual known as Jason Taylor.

This system claims that by registering with this binary options site, you will be able to receive maximum payouts of up to 97 percent.

Jason Taylor also talks about how, with this system, traders will be able to make millions of dollars in a matter of hours.

According to the creator of both the software and the site, this is a platform that can be used by beginners.

There is no prior experience required to conduct binary options trading with the Brit Method. Let’s take a look if there is any legitimacy at all associated with The Brit Method:

Accounts, Bonuses, and Special Features

With most binary options brokers, you are expected to pay a minimum of $250 before being able to place a trade. In most instances, however, you will be able to register with the site for free of charge. The money is only made necessary if you want to access a particular account or if you wish to begin trading.

With The Brit Method, this practice is mimicked to a certain extent. You are able to sign up for an account for free. Once the account has been set up, you are given access to the software and system.

However, the amount that is requested is typically higher than most minimum deposits. In fact, even some of the best binary options brokers offer much better deals than The Brit Method. To get started with this system, you are expected to deposit at least $350.

There is also no mention of special promotions, bonuses, or any other reward for joining or continuing to trade with The Brit Method. There is also limited guidance on how to proceed. Traders are simply expected to find their way around the automated system.

Security and Licensing

The Brit Method is not licensed or accredited by any authority or legal system. There is also no mention of the security system that the site is using to regulate and protect the flow of sensitive information. In fact, the entire site seems to be based on a fabrication that is surrounded by the fictional Jason Taylor.

There is no proof that this individual exists, let alone that they have accumulated wealth by using this particular automated system.

Furthermore, it appears that a system much like The Brit Method has been set up using the same lure as this site. While all of ‘Jason Taylor’s’ details are the same, his name and identity have been changed on the other site.

The Software

According to Jason Taylor, the Brit Method is so accurate that it is capable of turning that initial deposit into a much larger amount in a matter of hours.

However, the evidence appears to contradict this. None of the patrons of the site have come even close to making a sum that is reported on the site. Any money that has been made has been well below the 97 payout rate that was promised. Some individuals have even lost all of their initial deposit, causing severe concerns about the actual ability of this automated software.

The Conclusion

It appears that, at best, The Brit Method is a poorly conducted binary options automated trader and at worst, an actual scam. One of the reasons this is the conclusion that is reached is due to the fact that there are very few truths surrounding this site. To begin with, the supposed instigator of the Brit Method does not actually exist.

This individual does not provide any legitimate information and there can be no details discovered about him online.

Furthermore, the testimonials, proof of profit, and the examples of other accounts all appear to be fabricated. This is a popular technique that scam websites tend to use to convince users or traders that the site is trustworthy.

There does not seem to be anyone who has actually gotten wealthy with The Brit Method. As mentioned, some individuals actually lost all of the money that they invested. This would be clashing with all that Jason Taylor said that his automated system could do.

To sum it up, The Brit Method is not a site or system to be trusted. It is unlikely that you will be able to make any money and you will more than likely end up losing a great deal of your investment. As such, you should certainly stay away from this automated system.


Page Updated: 7 November, 2016