UBinary Review

ubinary-logouBinary is a binary options broker that has been operating since 2011. During this period, they have managed to grow, attracting traders from all over the world. This broker works with traders from numerous countries with the exception of the United States.

One of the allures of this broker is that they cater to novices and experts of binary options trading with their various account options. They are also a secure broker that ensures that all of their traders are well protected. The broker has also gained a reputation for being quite successful. Here is an evaluation of all of the services offered by uBinary to traders:

Account Types

It is quite easy to open an account with uBinary. All you have to do is to fill in the required information in the online form. This will then be sent to be verified. Once this has taken place, you will be contacted by an account manager at uBinary. At this stage, the various options will be described to you. You will be able to decide which package suits you and your trading needs best.

Whether you are new to binary options trading or if you have been engaged in it for some time, uBinary has an account for you. There are five different options to choose from. Each of these accounts require a different deposit minimum as well as investment minimum.

  • The Micro account is the smallest account. Here, traders will only be expected to place trades worth at least $20 dollars. Signing of this account will make you eligible for a 20 percent bonus. You will also be given free signals for two weeks. Furthermore, you can expect about a 70 percent payout rate. You will also be provided with trader insurance.
  • With the Mini account, you will once again only have to invest a minimum of $20. Here, however you will be entitled to a 25 percent bonus in addition to all of the other perks offered in the Micro account. You will be given a month of free trading signals, an advanced guide, and up to 75 percent payout. You will also have the option of Flip and Buy Me Out.
  • With the Standard account, the stake is higher at $50. However, you will be given a 30 percent bonus. In addition to all of the features available with the Mini account, you will have a personal broker as well as an 80 percent payout.
  • The next package is the Gold account and that requires a stake of $150 at least. This comes along with a 40 percent bonus as well as all of the other perks of the Standard account. You will also have a 90 percent payout rate. The Platinum package is the highest one with a minimum stake of $250. In return for this, however, you can receive a bonus of up to $5000. The payout will also be upped to 95 percent.

There is also a demo account available with uBinary. Here, you will be able to get the hang of both binary options trading as well as the uBinary trading platform. There will be virtual funds provided in the place of real money. However, the demo version is not available to all clients. Only certain account holders will have the privilege of accessing the demo version.

Licensing and Security

At this point in time, uBinary is not a regulated binary options broker. Nonetheless, this is quite a common occurrence in the market. Certification alone is not enough to decide whether or not a broker is legitimate. uBinary has been operating for several years now without incident. Furthermore, all of the traders have reported being pleased with the overall conduct of the broker. They have been able to view and withdraw their funds without any hassle at all.

They do have a number of security features in place. This involves using two layers of top class firewall protection: one at the server level and one at the application level. The broker also uses advanced SSL by Verisign for authentication purposes. uBinary also uses separate encrypted servers that ensure that all of the information is isolated and secure.

Software Review

uBinary utilizes a software that is not often seen – ParagonEX. One of the perks of this trading platform is that it is very organized and minimalistic. Within moments of being on the platform, it is easy to get your bearings and understand just how to make a trade.

At this point, you will have access to more than 70 asset options with this trading software. This includes indices, currencies, stocks, and commodities. You can choose from High/Low, Short Term, and Long Term. There are intervals that can last anywhere from 60 seconds to a whole day. The option builder helps you to further tailor the platform to your liking.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are a few different ways that you can deposit or withdraw funds. You will get to choose between credit cards, Neteller, bank wire transfer, and Skrill. uBinary will not charge for either the deposits or the withdrawals but you may have to pay fees rendered by third parties. Furthermore, you have to withdraw at least $50 from your account, every time you withdraw money.

uBinary may not be as well known as some of the other brokers in the binary options market. Nevertheless, this will soon begin to change. This broker offers many good account options, asset choices, and has incredible security as well. It is quite easy to work with this broker and just as easy to make a profit. uBinary is certainly looking at a bright future.


Daweda Review

Daweda Exchange is unlike other binary options brokers on the market. In fact, they do not really function as a broker at all. Instead, they provide traders with a platform that allows them to trade with one another directly.

Traders are able to sell and buy binary contracts with Daweda Exchange taking just $0.5 for every contract that is handled. It is this fair trading method as well as their excellent services that has put Daweda Exchange on the map.

This, as well as the 100 percent payout, has made this exchange quite popular. Here is a closer look at how Daweda Exchange operates:

Accounts, Bonuses, and Other Features

As Daweda Exchange operates a little differently to most binary options brokers, there are also a few disparities in the account types. Most brokers tend to have several options for traders to choose from. There are the lower tier, cheaper accounts and the more premium, more expensive ones. Depending on the account type that you registered for, you have access to different services.

With Daweda Exchange, however, there is only one account available. To open this account, you simply have to go to the ‘Start Trading’ part of the website. Then, you will be given directions on how you can open your trading account. You will have to enter several personal details and submit these for verification.

If you wish to start trading, you are going to need to deposit money into your account. The minimum amount of money that you are expected to deposit in your account is £100 or an equivalent in the currency of your choosing. Once it has been verified that the money has been deposited into your account, you will be able to trade binary contracts with another trader on the platform.

With Daweda Exchange, the profit that you make is entirely yours. If you happen to make an in-the-money trade, you will be the recipient of all of that money. The only thing that will be put aside for Daweda is $0.5 (or the equivalent, depending on the currency) for each $10 contract.

This, however, is not the only option available to you as a trader, however. You are not required to immediately commit to the Daweda Exchange trading platform if you do not wish to. There is also a demo account available. You can sign up for this instead of the actual account. Here, you will be able to take a look at how the unique trading platform works. While you will be able to have access to information and make trades, these will not be real.

This is merely to help you get used to the Daweda Exchange services. If you would like to continue with the Daweda Exchange, you can. You simply have to switch from the demo account to the real account. Once you have deposited the necessary amount, you will be able to begin trading binary contracts for real.

Licensing and Security

One of the things that most traders are concerned with binary options trading is that a large number of the brokers are not licensed. While this is not uncommon and typically not alarming, some traders feel quite uneasy about this.

Daweda Exchange, however, is one of the few entities in binary options trading that are certified and regulated by multiple authorities. They are licensed by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

In addition, they are also compliant with the regulations set forth by the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, Payment Card Industry, and the Anti-Money Laundering.

As the Daweda Exchange obeys so many standards, they are quite stringent with their security. They take great care to protect all of the information and details that they have collected about their clients. Furthermore, they also make sure that all of the transactions are conducted over secure networks.

Software Review

Daweda Exchange boasts their own platform due to the very unique services that they provide. Although it is a little different from what traders are typically used to, the platform is quite easy to use and navigate.

On the platform, you will be able to see all of the assets available to you as well as the expiry times of the trades. Once you select the market you wish to trade in, these details will be automatically updated. You then have the option to choose from the contract that suits you best. After this is done, an Options Order will be triggered at this point.

The reason that this portion is dissimilar to other platforms is because of the peer to peer trading system in place. Here, traders get to choose their prices and then wait for a match. The option will be placed when another trader is willing to take the opposite position of the trade.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are many ways that you can both deposit your funds as well as withdraw money from your account. This includes utilizing credit card services, Moneybookers, or bank wire transfer. For withdrawals, the request will be processed within 24 hours. Each trader will be able to withdraw their money for free once every month. After this, you will be charged $25 every time that you take out your money.

Daweda Exchange is certainly one of the more unusual binary options entities on the market. Nonetheless, this licensed online company provides excellent features, an interactive platform, and unprecedented services. They also offer traders the option to make a considerable amount of money due to the 100 percent payout with the money trades.

AskOption Review

AskOption binary options broker was recently launched by a company called Peak Media Group Ltd with the main office located in London, UK. For the time being, AskOption is accepting US traders to trade with them. Even though it is a new broker and only entered into the market in 2015, it already has a large customer base who are loyal to them. The AskOption broker has a very active involvement in Facebook and Tumblr.

Trading Platform and Features

AskOption offers the Panda TS platform with a well designed interface that organizes its features into various tabs. The social trading app allows you to see how much the top traders have earned and the type of option they are trading for example high/low. There is a button that you can conveniently click to copy the trading strategies. The Option Builder feature allows you to build your own trading strategy.

The average payout for the high/low option is 81% and there are about 80 assets to choose from. There are 30 seconds and 60 seconds options available. It also offer options with 2 minutes, 5 minutes and 10 minutes expiry time. The minimum trade size is $5 and demo account is available for traders that want to test their strategies before joining. It supports a mobile app that is compliant with mobile devices that support the iOS or Android platform.

Trading Account Types

AskOption Basic account requires at least $250 to open while the Mini account has a minimum deposit of $500. Both new signups of the Basic and Mini account will receive a 30% welcome bonus. While Basic account holder don’t have any risk free trade, Mini account offers you 1 risk free trade.

The Standard account is for binary options investors that are interested in making an initial deposit of between $1,000 to $4,999. You get a welcome bonus that is equivalent of half of the amount of your deposit if you open a Standard account. As a standard account holder, you will enjoy 5 risk free trades and 5 live training sessions.

You can open a Premium account if you want to deposit in between $5,000 – $14,999. Those who sign up for a Premium account will get a 70% welcome bonus. You are also entitled to 7 risk free trades and will be given access to 10 live training sessions.

For the Ultra account, the minimum deposit requirement that you must meet is in between $15,000 to $49,999. If you have an Ultra account, they will award you with 85% of welcome bonus and 10 risk free trade.

The VIP account is for big investors who will be depositing more than $50,000 into their trading accounts. All VIP account holders will have the chances to accept a 100% welcome deposit bonus and enjoy 20 risk free trades.


Traders can deposit/withdraw money through most major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. According to the KYC policy, there are some documents that you have to provide in 48 hours in order for them to process your withdrawal. You can also deposit or withdraw through bank wire but you will be charged a fee. AskOption is said to be adding Neteller as another method for traders to deposit or withdraw the money soon.

Customer Service

The customer support department will finish processing your withdrawal request within a timeframe of 5 days. You can only withdraw the funds in the preferred currency you choose when you register for your trading account. AskOption supports 4 types of currencies including USD, GBP, Euro and AUD.

You can contact the AskOption customer support department through telephone, email and live chat. The opening hours of the customer support department is from 8 am to 11 pm GMT. Telephone customer support is available to customers in the USA, Australia, UK, Canada and Bahrain. It has different telephone numbers for customers in the New York and Los Angeles in USA.


In conclusion, AskOption is not yet a regulated broker but it cares about the customers’ experiences. AskOption relies on the social media networking to improve their trading services through customer feedback. Newbies who are thinking of investing in binary options trading will find AskOption a good choice because it has a low minimum deposit.

IQ Option Review

Rating: rating
IQ Option is a Cysec regulated binary options broker that accepts US traders. They offer a demo account without any deposit required.

  • Minimum Deposit: $10
  • Maximum Payout: 92%
  • Demo Account: Yes, without deposit.
Promo: Welcome Bonus » Sign up now*

*Risk Warning: you can lose your invested capital.

Broker Review

IQ Option is a binary options broker that has enjoyed an enormous amount of success.

Ever since it was first online in 2013, this broker has developed quickly and significantly, amassing traders from all over the world. At last count, there were about eleven million traders using the services provided by IQ Option.

The broker was also overseeing around three million trades each day. Of course, this is of little surprise considering the many assets and advantages that this broker offers to traders. The legitimacy of the IQ Option as well as how popular it has become has led it to be one of the more notable brokers in the market.

Let’s take a closer look at the IQ Option review:

Accounts, Bonuses, and Special Elements

One of the benefits of registering with IQ Option is the ease with which you can sign up to use the platform. All you need to do is to visit the website, provide some relevant details, and then offer verification of your identity. Once this is done, you can make the minimum deposit and with that, you are able to begin placing trades.

Broker Name IQ Option
Location Cyprus
Regulation Cysec
Payout upon successful trade 92%
Demo Account Yes
Website www.iqoption.com
Minimum Deposit $10
Minimum Trade $1
Depositor Bonus Welcome Bonus

*Risk Warning: you can lose your invested capital.

IQ Option has two separate account types that you can sign up with. The first is known as the Real Account. What is truly amazing about this account is the initial deposit. All you will need to deposit to set up this account is $10.

With this you are privy to numerous trading opportunities and are given access to over 70 different assets. You can also participate in trading competitions which offers the possibility of amassing an even greater profit. When you first deposit money into this account, you may become eligible for the welcome bonus.

This means that you could potentially receive up to 80 percent of the money that you placed in your account. Even better, there may be future chances to get bonuses as well. You could get a 30 percent bonus every time that you deposit money.

The other account available is the VIP account. Here, the minimum deposit is considerably larger. To be able to access this particular account, there needs to be at least $3000 placed in the account. For this increased investment, however, you do get offered more benefits.

For instance, traders are provided with a personal manager. They can also get a monthly analysis courtesy of the IQ Option analysts. This is all including the features of the Real account as well. When you sign up for the VIP account, you have the potential to make a 100 percent back on the initial deposit.

Furthermore, you can even get back 36 percent of future deposits as well. Also with the Real account, withdrawal processing takes three days, but with the VIP account, it can be conducted within twenty four hours.

IQ Option Certification and Security

Among binary options brokers, it is not unusual to find brokers that are not licensed with any agency. In fact, it tends to be the norm in certain instances. However, to ensure that you are taking on as low a risk as possible, it is vital to choose a broker that is regulated by at least one agency.

IQ Option are one of the few brokers that stand out as it is licensed with the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). The company is also incredibly compliant with the Anti-Money Laundering policy as well.

All of the information that is provided to IQ Option is stored safely and securely. The broker utilizes data protection procedures to ensure that unofficial individuals do not get access to any important or private details. Furthermore, IQ Option does not divulge client information either.

IQ Option Software Review

IQ Option chose to design their own platform and software. The trading platform is certainly very comprehensive, but more importantly, it is incredibly user friendly. It consists of many custom features to ensure that traders can quickly and easily navigate the platform.

There is also a demo version of this platform available absolutely for free. It is identical to the actual trading platform and allows traders to familiarize themselves with this unique software. There is also a mobile app version of the platform which is also quite popular and can be downloaded on portable digital devices.

Withdrawals and Deposits

There are many ways that you can deposit money into your account as well as withdraw the money out of the account. These methods include Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, and a bank wire transfer. IQ Option does not charge any fees to either put money in your account or to withdraw it.

The thirty parties involved in the transaction may require a fee, nonetheless. Typically, it takes about three days for most withdrawal requests to be processed. Depending on the method chosen, the actual time taken to deposit money into your bank account will differ.

IQ Option is undoubtedly considered one of the best binary options brokers around.

Not only is this broker certified, but it also requires only the bare minimum in terms of investment. As such, it provides many traders with the opportunity to place trades. Furthermore, the returns that can be received by using IQ Option are also quite competitive.


*Risk Warning: you can lose your invested capital.

24Option Review

Rating: rating
24Option is a top rated binary options broker with a stellar reputation in the UK. 24Option even has offices in London.

  • Minimum Deposit: £250
  • Maximum Payout: 88%
  • Demo account: Yes
Promo: Welcome Bonus » Sign up now

24option binary options broker is one of the most renowned brokers in the world. Since its inception in 2010, 24option has been providing traders with an incredible range of assets as well as binary options services.

They also offer incredible maximum returns on the investments that traders stake with them. All of this, and more, has led to 24option holding a significant position in the world of binary options trading. This broker works with traders from all over the world, with the exception of the United States. 24option has two main owners and influencers.

They are Richfield Capital Limited and Rodeler Limited. Due to this joint partnership, 24option is under the purview of Cyprus. Let’s take a closer look at what 24option has to offer:

Broker Name 24Option
Location Cyprus
Regulation Cysec
Website www.24option.com
Minimum Deposit £250
Minimum Trade £10
Depositor Bonus Welcome Bonus
Payout 88%
Demo Account Yes

Account Types, Bonuses, and Other Benefits

There is no need for you to have access to a package to begin trading using the 24options platform. All you need to do is to deposit a certain amount of money and you can then start placing trades. Nonetheless, if you want to be able to benefit from the various special features on offer, you will need to have access to one of the following accounts.

There are five separate accounts offered by 24option. The first one requires the least amount of investment. With just £250, you can sign up for the Basic Account. This will provide you with the ability to view professional charts and access Trading Central.

You will also be able to contact customer service twenty fours a day, seven days a week. Signing up for this account may provide you with the opportunity to get max returns of up to 88 percent. You can withdraw money from this account for free just once during your ownership. You will have to pay a small fee for the rest of the withdrawals.

The account that is higher up is the Silver account with a slightly larger minimum deposit required. By paying this charge, you will be given the same features as with the Basic package but with additional features included. For instance, you will also get a meeting with a personal coach and get trading alerts. Further up is the Gold account which has the added bonus of SMS and email alerts. There is also the possibility of a higher max return, up to 84 percent. Gold account holders can withdraw money for free once a month.

One step up from the Gold account is the Platinum one. Here you can access the CFD and Forex markets as well. This is accompanied by an ability to use the research website as well as have a live training session. There are also no withdrawal fees with this account. Finally, the max returns can be increased to up to 86 percent. Topping this list is the Diamond account, which requires the highest of all the minimum deposits. In return for this, you will be granted the ability to tailor the platform that you are using. There are also higher trading limits as well as exposure. You can also expect max returns of up to 88 percent.

Licenses and Security Features

Technically, 24option is not a licensed binary options broker. However, the two companies that own and manage this broker are licensed with two different authorities. Richfield Capital Limited is overseen by the International Financial Services Commission in Belize. Rodeler Limited is licensed in Cyprus and adheres to regulations laid down by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. Due to the individual companies’ licenses, there is a certain amount of regulation of 24option occurring.

There are several stringent security measures in place at 24option. For starters, the broker uses secure servers to store any and all information regarding their clients and their activities. There are only a few, vetted employees who have access to this information. Details that are sensitive or pertain to the financial status of the client are well protected by the binary options broker.

24option Software Review

As trading platform software, 24option uses TechFinancials. This platform has developed a reputation as one of the better trading platforms to use. In addition to being user friendly, the platform offers various trading options. These include One Touch, High Low, Boundary, and Short Term. All of the assets that are available with 24option are easily accessed as well.

There is a demo version of this platform. This allows account holders to get used to the way that the platform is designed before actually staking real money. With TechFinancials, there is also the option of mobile trading. The app can be downloaded onto a smartphone, and all of the features are available on the mobile version as well.

Withdrawals and Deposits

You can choose to deposit as well as withdraw your money through credit cards, electronic payment methods, and a bank wire transfer. The minimum amount of money that you can deposit with credit cards and electronic payment is £250 or a comparable amount in British Pounds, Yen, or Euros. With a wire transfer, the least amount of money that you can deposit is £1000.

Unless you have a Platinum or a Diamond account, you will be expected to pay a withdrawal fee. This charge is based on the method of withdrawal as well as any other fees that the bank or other parties may levy.

Overall, 24option has proved to be a powerful, efficient, and credible binary options broker. They have aided numerous traders in the placing of trades. 24option also has one of the higher rates of max returns in the market. Finally, there are a great number of assets as well as option available to the traders who use 24option.


365Trading Review

365trading review365Trading was first established in 2012, and is largely focused in the UK and Europe. 365Trading is one of the brokers that are frequently chosen by traders that are particularly serious about binary options trading.

Their low minimum deposits, excellent service, and quick withdrawal options have all resulted in 365Trading making its mark in the binary options market. This broker also places a lot of emphasis on ensuring that traders have access to all of the information that they will require.

365Trading does not conduct trades with US based traders. Let’s take a closer look at what this broker has to offer:

Account Types, Special Features, and Bonuses

With most other brokers, traders typically have the option of choosing what type of account they would like to join. There are often several tiers available. The more exclusive the account, the higher the minimum fee. These premium accounts come with value added services that traders can access at their discretion.

At 365Trading, however, the process is a little different. Here, there is just one option for opening a trading account. The minimum amount of money to open up this account is $100, €100, or £100. All of you have to do is to enter your information and you will have begun the process to opening your account. After this, the broker requires you to submit certain documentation so that your identity can be verified.

Upon opening your account, you will eligible for a 100 percent first deposit bonus. This can be up to €5 or an equivalent. You should know that there are a set of terms and conditions that are applied to this bonus.

The bonus is immediately added to the amount present in your account. However, as a trader, you will be unable to withdraw this bonus for a particular period of time. Only once you have achieved the minimum trading volume will you be permitted to withdraw your bonus.

This is equivalent to about 20 times the bonus that you have been presented with. Nonetheless, there is no expiry date for the bonus, so you can take as long as you want meeting the minimum volume requirement.

One of the benefits of using 365Trading is the demo account the broker offers. However, in order to utilize it, you are not required to sign up for their trading account or even make a deposit. Instead, you can simply sign up for the demo account and start using the platform.

Only if you choose to begin real trading will you have to sign up for the trading account. This is certainly not an option that is afforded by all brokers, so it is a really great feature.

Security and Licensing

365Trading has another lead over the competition. Unlike most other binary options brokers, 365Trading is licensed by one of the most respected licensing authorities in the world – CySEC. This means that the broker is regulated at all times. Therefore, traders can feel quite confident in using the services offered by the broker.

365Trading has quite stringent policies in place regarding how they handle all of their clients’ information. There are various security and authentication methods that are in place to ensure that no outside parties have access to sensitive information. As such, all details and transactions are secured by the broker.

Software Review

When considering a binary options broker, one of the elements that are thoroughly investigated is the trading software that is used. 365Trading offers a trading platform that has been designed by the brokers themselves. The software is incredibly efficient and easy to use.

Furthermore, it utilizes some of the best charting and trading tools. Traders can choose from a wide variety to suit their particular needs. This includes choosing between line graphs and candlesticks. There is also a Zoom feature that allows traders to set intervals of 5 minutes, half an hour, one hour, and three hours. The broker is also known for continuously updating their software to ensure that they are tailoring the system to their clients’ needs.

The platform also teaches traders a great deal about various strategies and techniques. Traders are given the opportunity to learn with the help of videos available on the platform.

Withdrawals and Deposits

Traders with 365Trading can deposit and withdraw their money using various methods. This includes credit cards, bank wire transfers, Neteller, PayPal, Ideal, SoFort, and Trustly. American dollars, Euros, and Pound Sterling are the currencies that are accepted for these transactions.

One of the selling points of 365Trading is that they take care of most of their withdrawals within 24 hours. The minimum amount that you can withdraw is 50 dollars, Euros, or Pounds. In addition, 365Trading does not charge the traders any fees at all for withdrawing money from their accounts.

365Trading has made its mark on the binary options world and it is easy to see why. This is a legitimate broker that offers the best to its traders. This involves numerous learning tools, an incredible trading platform, and various other services. In conclusion, this is certainly one of the better binary options traders around.

OptionFair Review

optionfair reviewOptionFair is a binary options broker that is operated by the B.O TradeFinancials company. It has been operating since 2010. During this period it has quickly become one of the more acclaimed brokers in the market. This is due its many asset options and services that support traders.

In particular, OptionFair offers a simplicity that allows even beginner traders to use the broker with the greatest of ease. Furthermore, this broker operates ethically, holding themselves to the highest standards of the law. Let’s take a closer look at how well OptionFair really operates:

Account Types, Bonuses, and Special Features

There are four types of accounts provided by OptionFair. This ranges from the most basic account, the Standard, to the more exclusive one – the Platinum account. These binary options trading account differ both in minimum deposits as well as the various services offered.

The Standard account requires a minimum deposit of $250. Once the account has been set up, the trader is treated to a free introductory session. The next account is the Silver account. Here, the minimum requirement is $500. In addition to the introductory session, the trader is also given two trade signals. They will receive this via text message. There is also a profit of 1 percent.

The Gold account is next in the hierarchy. To have access to this account, you will need to deposit at least $2000. This will assure you of extra profits of 2 percent.

Also, you will be offered financial advice on a weekly basis. You will also be given four trading signals that will be conveyed through text message.

Then, there is the Platinum account. This account will cost you an initial deposit of $15,000. It will also entail a four percent profit. Finally, the VIP account that requires an initial deposit of $50,000. In addition to as many advisory sessions as you would like, you will also be given an unlimited amount of trading signals.

There is a welcome bonus available for certain traders. However, to be eligible for this bonus, a trader must deposit a minimum of $350 dollars into their account. Individuals who deposit less will not be able to receive this bonus.

OptionFair also has a demo account that traders can use. Once you have signed up for one of their accounts, this broker will give you the choice of using their demo account as well. This will help you get confident with the trading platform that they use. You will be given $500 in virtual money to use with this demo version.

Licensing and Regulations

While binary options trading is a lucrative opportunity for many traders, there are many who are hesitant to join the market.

This is because many of the brokers are not licensed. OptionFair, however, happens to be among the few that are licensed by one of the leading authorities in binary options trading.

The have been provided with a license by CySEC. This does mean, however, that they do not conduct trades with traders from the United States, Israel, or Japan.

There are also an extremely secure broker, taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure that clients’ information and funds are safe. This includes segregating clients’ funds to make sure that they are kept safe. There is also a compensation policy in place.

Review of the Software

OptionFair uses one of the most powerful trading software on the market – TechFinancials.

In addition to providing traders with clear and concise details and systems, the software is also easy to use. This allows traders to quickly place trades, with very little chance of making any mistakes.

This trading platform gives you access to numerous assets. You can place several different trades on these assets. This includes the High/Low Option, Touch/No Touch, Boundary, and 60 second Trade Options.

Deposits and Withdrawals

If you wish to deposit money with OptionFair, you can do so with credit cards, bank wire transfers, Western Union, or with a variety of E Wallets. OptionFair will not charge you any money for depositing funds into your account. However, the third party that you are utilizing may, and you will be required to pay this fee.

Unlike many other brokers, there is no minimum amount that you are expected to withdraw from your account with OptionFair. You can withdraw as little or as much as you want. Every once a month, you get one free withdrawal. After that, you will be charged $30 every time you withdraw funds from your account.

There is no denying that OptionFair is an authentic and well-functioning binary options broker. They provide good services, offer a strong trading platform, and above all, are licensed. If you are planning on starting a binary options account, OptionFair is certainly one of the better choices that you will have to contend with.

Tradorax Review

tradorax reviewIn only a few years, Tradorax has made quite a name for itself. Its positive reputation gives a holistic view of how its near-complete package of versatile features benefits the trading activity of traders with differing skill levels.

There are no perfect brokers, and Tradorax is yet another testament of that fact. Still, its numerous plus points relegate the few subtle drawbacks of using Tradorax.

Crowning the list of desirable features on Tradorax is its easy-to-use site. Important information is easily accessible and you could start registration right from the home page.

Tradorax opens its doors to users from virtually all countries around the world, including the US. You could maintain your account in any of five currencies—US dollar, British pound, Euro, Japanese yen, or Russian Ruble.

Trading Platform

Tradorax takes the safe option by using the renowned Tech Financials platform, famed for its usability and versatility. Several other reputable brokers use the platform that easily edges the in-house, proprietary platforms from competing brokers.

The platform is 100% web-based. You do not have to make any downloads, neither do you need some ‘special’ plugin requirement. All you need is a web browser and a decent internet connection.

Using the platform is a cinch. The variety of trading options is diverse. They include the traditional High/Low option, the One Touch, 60 second, long-term, boundary, and ladder options.

The Tradorax platform is a hybrid platform that allows you to engage in both FX and Binary Options trading.

In addition, you can keep you with your up-to-date asset information, learning tools, accurate economic events calendar, and graphs for in-depth technical analysis.

Account Types

Tradorax caters to traders of different means. They provide a starting low-entry account type with decent features for traders starting out.

Supplementing this entry-level account type are several graded account types that provide more perks with higher deposit requirements. For the elite traders, a self-managed account type is available.

The account types include:

  • Mini Account

Deposit range: $250 to $499

Number of personal contacts with consultant per week: ONE (1)

  • Silver Account

Deposit range: $500 to $4,999

Number of personal contacts with consultant per week: TWO (2)

Percentage increase in payout rate: 2%

Return rate: 0.5%

  • Gold Account

Deposit range: $5,000 to $9,999

Number of personal contacts with consultant per week: THREE (3)

Percentage increase in payout rate: 3%

Return rate: 1%

Number of risk free trades per month: ONE (1)

  • VIP Account

Deposit range: $10,000+

Number of personal contacts with consultant per week: FOUR (4)

Percentage increase in payout rate: 4%

Return rate: 2%

Number of risk free trades per month: TWO (2)

Assets, Expiry Time, and Payout

Tradorax offers assets that cut across the four major asset classes—currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities. The asset list is expanding continuously and currently stands at over 120 assets.

Multiple contracts for these assets are available daily with varying expiry time. The expiry times range from as short as 60 seconds to as high as several months. This makes Tradorax well suited for traders with different trading strategies (whether short term or long term).

Payout rate for these contracts all varies and goes as high as 85%.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Supporting a long list of countries comes with the pressure of offering diverse payment methods. Tradorax does not falter on this end, with an equally long list of payment options. The most common amongst them are credit cards, wire transfer, Skrill (formerly MoneyBookers), NETELLER, WebMoney, Qiwi, and paysafecard (formerly CashU).

The minimum deposit to open an account is $250 or 250 units of the base currency of your trading account. Tradorax offers bonuses on deposits. These bonuses range from 50% to as high as 200%. The minimum amount you can invest on a contract is $25.

Although withdrawal fees are not existent for all withdrawal payment methods except wire transfer, the duration of processing withdrawals could be shorter. It is worth paying mind to this going forward. Furthermore, verification is necessary before your withdrawal is processed.

Customer Care Service

You can get across to the customer service department of Tradorax through Live Chat, Phone (7 dedicated national numbers are available), or via direct mail; and receive timely, helpful response to your queries.

Additional Features

  • Mobile app for trading on the go
  • Site is available in German and Russian
  • Plenty of informational and educational resources—collaboration with Reuters and Yahoo for updates news feed; and video library, webinars, trading guide, and glossary for improving your trading skillset

Porter Finance Review

porter finance reviewPorter Finance is a company that has been in the business since the year 2014. It has been in operation since then, and is owned by Running Forest Partners Ltd. This broker operates out of London, England. It has made quite a name for itself by being one of the most reliable and secure brokers out there. From its pioneering team of founders to its experienced staff and fast payouts, this is a broker that is well worth the investment. Is it everything that its fans say it is? Well, you can find out in this review of the broker right here:

Special Features, Bonuses and Account Types

One of the most noticeable features of the broker is the five different account types available. Each of these has some advantages. The type of account that you get is based on how much your initial deposit is. In addition to the many free accounts, there is also a demo account offered by the broker. This is a feature that makes this company one of the best that we have seen so far. After all, you can’t always get a demo account. This allows you to practice your skills before wasting any real money on it.

In some cases, you may have to deposit your initial deposit before you can access the demo account. However, the support department at the broker is one of the best we have seen. They will probably assist you in getting one before you make a deposit as well! The five different account types offered here include:

  • Beginner – This account requires a $500 minimum deposit. It provides you with a 30% welcome bonus along with access to a great ebook about binary options trading. You are also given a welcome tour by an account manager, and will receive weekly market reviews by experts.
  • Standard – This asks for an initial deposit of $1000 or more. You can enjoy a 40% welcome bonus with this account type. You also gain access to both weekly and daily market reviews, tours from the account manager, and a session in trading strategies by an expert trader.
  • Gold – This one needs an investment of about $5000 or more. You get a lot of good perks with this account, such as a 75% bonus. You also get a lot of training. There are different classes that you are enrolled in automatically at the trading academy, along with a VIP membership. You are given money management trading, market reviews, and 5 trades that are risk free!
  • Platinum – This is for the traders who want to invest larger amounts in their trades. You are going to have to invest above $10000 if you want this account. It gives you a 100% bonus for signing up as well as lessons in six strategies for trading, access to the money management training and 10 risk free trades.
  • VIP – Made for the corporate trader, this account needs over $100000 in the deposit amount. The perks to be enjoyed are wonderful indeed. You can talk to your account manager about what benefits you gain from having a VIP account.

Some of the special options offered by Porter Finance include the One Touch and Ladder options that can have payouts of up to 1500% of the investment. Remember that these are advanced trading tools that a beginner should stay away from because of the risk involved.

Security, Licensing and Reliability

The security of Porter Finance and the way in which they protect client data is very good indeed. It is one of the most secure brokers out there. While it isn’t licensed by an authority at present, it appears to have an application for this in the works. The entire site is HTTPS certified along with a TLS encryption protocol for the highest site security out there.

Trading Platform Review

Initially, the Porter Finance platform was one developed by the popular SpotOption platform. However, the broker has switched over to the new Panda TS platform now. This one is a lovely, simple and easy to use platform that doesn’t require you to download any software to a PC. It is available as a mobile application as well.

The platform has over 200 assets available and doesn’t have a learning curve. Anyone from a beginner to a professional can use this platform to their advantage. Six different trading tools are available – Regular binary Trades, Pairs, Long Term, One Touch, Second and Ladder trading. Short term trading is great for quick decisions with nice returns. Pros combine different trading tools for higher rewards.

Payouts and Withdrawals

The many banking options include most credit and debit cards, wire transfers, checks and online wallets like Neteller. It is one of the most secure out there, and is very fast in terms of withdrawal amounts and times to process.