Copy Buffett Software Review

Copy Buffet binary software alleges that it uses strategies and techniques that have been utilized by Warren Buffet himself. Hence, the name of this particular entity.

There are both manual and automated options with this system. In addition to assigning you a broker, the system will also begin producing trading signals.

It is up to the trader whether or not they want to go with the automated option. Once the trader has decided which route they prefer, a trade will be placed.

The trade will then continue from here as normal. The following review seeks to determine whether Copy Buffet is a legitimate binary options robot.

How Does Copy Buffett Work?

According to the website, there are just three easy steps before you are on your way to making money with this robot.

The first thing you will have to do is to set up a free trading account with one of the brokers that Copy Buffet has partnerships with. Copy Buffet will provide you with several options to choose from.

copy buffet review

One of the downsides here is that although the website claims to only put traders in touch with licensed brokers, this is not the case. Many traders have had the experience of being assigned brokers that are either unregulated or not well known.

Since the success of a trade can largely depend on the binary options broker, this does dampen your success rate a little.

Depending on the broker, you will be expected to place a particular minimum deposit. This will vary from broker to broker. Once this is done, traders have the opportunity to begin placing trades.

Once you have achieved the profits that you want, you are able to withdraw your money. Copy Buffet assures traders that this can be done within a day, although they do have to take into account your broker’s policies as well.

As mentioned, traders do not have to place trades themselves. If preferred, the traders can have the binary options robot do it for them. These trading decisions are based on information that has been collected over a period of time. It consists of the most successful trading strategies and outcomes.

In order to use this option, traders have to include their standard trade size as well as adjust a probability indicator. Then, the auto trader can be turned on and the trades will be placed when the particular circumstances are present.

Does It Work?

Copy Buffet is definitely one of the more confusing software to review. This is largely because there are quite so many mixed reviews and opinions about this binary options robot. Some traders swear that they have made adequate profits while others claim that they have lost all of their investment.

Another reason is that on the whole, binary options robots carry a considerable amount of risk by themselves. Therefore, it is difficult to determine whether there is something wrong with Copy Buffet or if the trading robot has simply fallen prey to chance. It is uncertain if the mistakes made are due to faulty assumptions or if this is an unreliable organization.

Another thing that some find concerning is that while there is a lot of information about Warren Buffet, there is no real connection to him. Despite the fact that Buffet’s name, face, and articles related to him are pasted across the site, he is not in any way associated with Copy Buffet. Therefore, it can seem as though Copy Buffet are simply trying to lure in traders by using the name of a man who is known to be quite financially savvy.

The Conclusion

As there is such a mix of information, there is a great deal of confusion surrounding Copy Buffet. It is indeterminate at this point if this site or this binary options robot really can be trusted. By association, it is also difficult to ascertain whether or not the recommended brokers can also be relied upon. If you are a trader who wishes to use this software, there are couple of facts that should be made clear.

First, automated robots do not always have a high rate of accuracy. Second, you should be very careful about the broker that you are placing trades with. You should always do a background check before depositing any money.

Finally, it is important to use this software very tentatively if you wish to do so. There may be a chance that you will be dissatisfied with the service.


Page Updated: 7 November, 2016