Daweda Review

Daweda Exchange is unlike other binary options brokers on the market. In fact, they do not really function as a broker at all. Instead, they provide traders with a platform that allows them to trade with one another directly.

Traders are able to sell and buy binary contracts with Daweda Exchange taking just $0.5 for every contract that is handled. It is this fair trading method as well as their excellent services that has put Daweda Exchange on the map.

This, as well as the 100 percent payout, has made this exchange quite popular. Here is a closer look at how Daweda Exchange operates:

Accounts, Bonuses, and Other Features

As Daweda Exchange operates a little differently to most binary options brokers, there are also a few disparities in the account types. Most brokers tend to have several options for traders to choose from. There are the lower tier, cheaper accounts and the more premium, more expensive ones. Depending on the account type that you registered for, you have access to different services.

With Daweda Exchange, however, there is only one account available. To open this account, you simply have to go to the ‘Start Trading’ part of the website. Then, you will be given directions on how you can open your trading account. You will have to enter several personal details and submit these for verification.

If you wish to start trading, you are going to need to deposit money into your account. The minimum amount of money that you are expected to deposit in your account is £100 or an equivalent in the currency of your choosing. Once it has been verified that the money has been deposited into your account, you will be able to trade binary contracts with another trader on the platform.

With Daweda Exchange, the profit that you make is entirely yours. If you happen to make an in-the-money trade, you will be the recipient of all of that money. The only thing that will be put aside for Daweda is $0.5 (or the equivalent, depending on the currency) for each $10 contract.

This, however, is not the only option available to you as a trader, however. You are not required to immediately commit to the Daweda Exchange trading platform if you do not wish to. There is also a demo account available. You can sign up for this instead of the actual account. Here, you will be able to take a look at how the unique trading platform works. While you will be able to have access to information and make trades, these will not be real.

This is merely to help you get used to the Daweda Exchange services. If you would like to continue with the Daweda Exchange, you can. You simply have to switch from the demo account to the real account. Once you have deposited the necessary amount, you will be able to begin trading binary contracts for real.

Licensing and Security

One of the things that most traders are concerned with binary options trading is that a large number of the brokers are not licensed. While this is not uncommon and typically not alarming, some traders feel quite uneasy about this.

Daweda Exchange, however, is one of the few entities in binary options trading that are certified and regulated by multiple authorities. They are licensed by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

In addition, they are also compliant with the regulations set forth by the European Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, Payment Card Industry, and the Anti-Money Laundering.

As the Daweda Exchange obeys so many standards, they are quite stringent with their security. They take great care to protect all of the information and details that they have collected about their clients. Furthermore, they also make sure that all of the transactions are conducted over secure networks.

Software Review

Daweda Exchange boasts their own platform due to the very unique services that they provide. Although it is a little different from what traders are typically used to, the platform is quite easy to use and navigate.

On the platform, you will be able to see all of the assets available to you as well as the expiry times of the trades. Once you select the market you wish to trade in, these details will be automatically updated. You then have the option to choose from the contract that suits you best. After this is done, an Options Order will be triggered at this point.

The reason that this portion is dissimilar to other platforms is because of the peer to peer trading system in place. Here, traders get to choose their prices and then wait for a match. The option will be placed when another trader is willing to take the opposite position of the trade.

Deposits and Withdrawals

There are many ways that you can both deposit your funds as well as withdraw money from your account. This includes utilizing credit card services, Moneybookers, or bank wire transfer. For withdrawals, the request will be processed within 24 hours. Each trader will be able to withdraw their money for free once every month. After this, you will be charged $25 every time that you take out your money.

Daweda Exchange is certainly one of the more unusual binary options entities on the market. Nonetheless, this licensed online company provides excellent features, an interactive platform, and unprecedented services. They also offer traders the option to make a considerable amount of money due to the 100 percent payout with the money trades.

Page Updated: 28 March, 2017