Finpari Minimum Deposit

Established in 2014, Finpari is a binary options broker that has quickly grown to be one of the more popular platforms around. This is largely due to the comprehensive and efficient services that it offers to all of its traders.

The binary options platform is also known for accepting traders from all over the world, including the United States. In particular, Finpari has gained a reputation for providing their traders with some of the best financial services around. Let’s take a look at some of the features that this binary options broker has to offer:

Minimum Deposit

One of the advantages of Finpari is the low deposit requirement. If you wish to open an account with this broker, you will require at least $250 dollars to do so. With this minimum amount, you will be able to open a Bronze account, the lowest tier offered by the platform.

By doing so, traders are provided with access to several services. First, for the $250 dollars that have been deposited, traders are eligible for a +20 percent bonus. They are also guaranteed that all of their withdrawals will be handled within an hour. They will also be provided with the ability to undergo online trading courses. Finally, the traders are given the chance to utilize demo accounts to refine their trading skills. The other two accounts available are the Silver and Gold, which require minimum deposits of $1000 and $3000 respectively.

Deposit Methods

Finpari provides traders with a multitude of options to deposit funds. This includes using debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, Perfect Money, Qiwi, OKPAY, Alipay, Neteller, and WebPay. Finpari also accepts payment in the form of Bitcoin, deposited in a Bitcoin wallet.

There are a few restrictions on these deposit methods. For instance, with Neteller, the broker can cater to most regions with the exception of the United States and the UAE. Qiwi Wallet is also limited to Eastern Europe, while Alipay can only be used in Asia.

Depending on the deposit method chosen, the funds can be deposited between anywhere from an hour to six hours. While Finpari does not charge traders any fees for depositing money, there may be third party entities who will do so. The trader will be responsible for these charges accordingly.

Minimum Trade Amount

The other distinctive benefit of trading with Finpari is that you are required to trade with as little as you choose. Depending on the type of trade, you can trade with as little as a single dollar. For instance, for each 60 second binary options order, you can trade with $1. If you require to make other trades, the minimum amount is a little higher, but still quite reasonable. For other types of trades, you will be required to trade with at least $10. The most that you can trade with at any given moment is $1500.

Base Currency

When you first open an account with Finpari, you will be given the option of choosing a base currency. You can choose between US dollars or Euros. Once you have decided on which currency to use, this is how your deposits will appear. As such, you will be expected to make deposits that will total a particular sum either in dollars or in Euros. Your trading results as well will be displayed in the base currency.

These are the deposit facts that you need to know about Finpari binary options broker. In conclusion, you can open an account for a minimum amount of $250. You can then trade with as little as $1, depending on the preferred trade. You will also have the opportunity to choose from numerous deposit methods when you wish to deposit money into your account.

Page Updated: 28 March, 2017