Quantum Cash Machine Review

quantum cash machine scamQuantum Cash Machine is a binary options trading software that claims to make traders rich with just a little bit of investment. The site was created towards the latter stages of 2016 and has supposedly gained over 14,000 members during this short period of time.

According to the architect of this concept, Chris Barnes, the precision offered by his system ensures that traders will be able to make significant profits.

Apparently, binary options traders will have the opportunity to earn between $1,500 and $2,700 each week.

The Quantum Cash Machine ensures that this can be done across the 200 different asset options offered by the platform. Here, this trading software is examined to determine if it really lives up to its claims:

Account Types, Bonuses, and Additional Features

With most binary options trading sites, you are supposed to be able to go onto the site and sign up for an account. Once this is done, you will be able to place an initial deposit – there is typically a minimum stipulated. Upon the completion of this process, traders should be given use of the trading platform.

With the Quantum Cash Machine, once you have signed up with the website, you can make a minimum deposit of $250. However, there is no special package or any benefits to signing up. There are also no further rewards or bonuses for remaining with this broker.

It can be a little difficult to register with this particular binary options trading. The only real introduction that users have to the software is an introductory video. Here, traders meet Chris Barnes who goes on to explain the process that dominates this particular concept.

Barnes gives a limited number of people the option of joining him on this trading platform. He promises that by doing so, the traders will be capable of making between $1,500 and $2,700 each week.

Licensing and Security

Quantum Cash Machine is not regulated by any governmental or other associated agency. It does not appear to be legitimate in any way at all and has no evidence to prove that is a genuine broker. There are several icons denoting that the site is secure.

However, on closer inspection, it appears that these are merely images sourced from the internet. Quantum Cash Machine does not have any protection or security measures in place. Therefore, there is nothing protecting the trader’s personal or financial information.

Perhaps one of the most disconcerting aspects of this website is that nothing actually appears to be real or authentic. From the individual who is advertising his wares to the supposed account holders, none of them seem to exist. The so-called Chris Barnes has actually been revealed as a scam artist who posted similar videos and websites at an earlier time. His methodology here as well, is nearly identical to his previous schemes.

The individuals who are presented as being traders are actually fictional. These images have been found to be sourced from sites that cater to individuals looking for stock photos. Similarly, the supposed filled accounts are fake as well. It has all been placed there as a lure for individuals who are hoping to become wealthy.

The Software Review

According to Chris Barnes, his software has been compiled by an ingenious team. The team consists of ex Wall Street brokers, mathematicians, and various other experts in the field. The software connects to the stock market.

It analyses over 900,000 reports and signals, over two hundred assets. Compiling all of this information, it manages to allow traders to place trades that are more precise.

Once you take a closer look, however, all of this is untrue. First, instead of the 200 assets, there are just 22 pairs of currency that traders can place trades with. In addition to having a severely limited asset selection, Quantum Cash Machine has not actually delivered on its claims. It is also unlikely that the software is actually compiled of the components that Barnes claims.

The Conclusion

There is little doubt that the Quantum Cash Machine is a binary options scam. It attempts to lure traders in with promises of accuracy and immense payouts. What they discover in the end, however, is that this all just false advertising.

It is purported by an individual who has previously been discovered carrying out a similar scheme. In addition, there seems to be no basis for the software itself. There are only a few assets to choose from and the system is lacking the high prediction rate that it promises. Overall, the Quantum Cash Machine is not worth your time or your money.

Page Updated: 12 December, 2016