Safe Binary Options Strategies

If you want make a profit with binary options trading, there is no doubt that you need the appropriate strategies to do so. This is what helps to remove most of the vagueness from this type of trade, providing traders with a greater amount of clarity.

This does not mean, however, that these strategies are always successful. On occasion, they can lead to an out of the money trade. This potential for risk has many traders trying to determine what the safest strategies for binary options trading are. This is discussed in greater detail below:

There is Always Inherent Risk

What you will need to expect is that there is no foolproof way to ensure that you always end up in the money or even make a profit. This cannot be guaranteed to you even with the most efficient of strategies. As with any form of investment, binary options trading does involve a certain propensity for loss.

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While there are ways to mitigate this risk, it cannot be fully avoided. This is important to understand so that you don’t mistakenly judge your strategy to be faulty simply because it isn’t accurate a 100 percent of the time. Strategies will improve your odds but cannot assure you of wins.

Straddling the Market

If you really are looking to minimize your losses, then the straddle strategy is often your best bet. This is because it requires you to put both a Call and Put option on the same asset. This is based on the assumption that you can never be entirely sure the direction in which an asset value move.

Before a trade expires, the value can rise as you may have predicted and then promptly fall afterwards. This, of course, will end in a loss for you.

To overcome this issue, you will be betting that the price will rise and will fall. The beauty of this strategy is that you are bound to be right either way. However, this does come with a caveat as you need to be careful about the amount of money you stand to gain and lose.

For you to actually be successful with this technique, you need to make sure that you are making more money than you are losing. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you balance your calculations for both trades, before making them.

You should also keep in mind that you may not always be making a profit with this method – just breaking even.

Combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis Strategy

If you were to ask most binary options traders, they would either identify themselves as only using technical analysis or exclusively utilizing fundamental analysis. There are many experts who would even go so far as to claim technical analysis as the superior strategy.

To a certain extent, these individuals may be right. This is because binary options trades expire so quickly, it can make the fundamental analysis strategy seem irrelevant. However, to be able to truly determine the direction of an asset value, you need to be able to know the cause as well as the effect.

One without the other will only be of limited use to you. Therefore, it is vital that you use both of these together, to improve your odds even more.

These are the safest strategies for binary options trading. Nonetheless, it is important to always err on the side of caution and to carefully consider the situation before using either of these strategies.

Page Updated: 14 February, 2017