Turbine XO Review

turbine XO scamTurbine XO is an application that has recently surfaced. According to the website, this system was launched in June, 2016. It has been created and is run by an individual known as Andrew Fisher.

This software claims to have apply tried and tested algorithms in order to earn its traders large sums of money each day. With Turbine XO, traders will be able to get incredible payouts with only the minimum investment.

Apparently, a daily profit of about $1500 to $5000 can be made with this system. This is due to the fact that the software has a success rate of about 94 percent. Let’s take a look to see just how well Turbine XO stands up against closer scrutiny:

Accounts and Bonuses

Perhaps one of the more alluring aspects of Turbine XO is that it does not overreach. Much like many other legitimate websites, you require an initial deposit of just $250. The site makes it seem as though this is not a lot of money for a deposit.

This is largely due to the incredible claims made on how much traders can receive in return. As stated by the Turbine XO website, the return rates range from 240 percent to 360 percent. This convinces traders they will make much more than they first invested.

This, however, is false advertising. When compared to the industry standard, it is proved to be next to impossible to receive such returns. First, the amount that you invest in a trade, is directly proportionate to how much you receive in return, should you be in the money.

With an investment of $250, it is more likely that you will be able to make no more than $150, at best. Therefore, the numbers quoted on Turbine XO are more than inflated – they are unachievable.

As a rule of thumb, if a binary options broker is making claims that cannot possibly be reached, more often than not, it is a scam. In fact, it is a quick and easy way to determine whether or not a broker is legitimate or not.

Licensing and Regulations

Yet another reason to be wary of Turbine XO is that they are not licensed or regulated by any entity at all. In fact, this website appears to have no other ties to other financial agents or partners. There are also no security features available.

This means that if traders do provide sensitive or private information, they are not doing so over a secure network. Other individuals will be able to view these details as they are not encrypted.

In terms of regulation, however, it does not appear that even the owner of the site, Andrew Fisher, is authentic.

For all intents and purposes, it seems as though this individual is a paid actor, reading from a script. There is no information available on this Andrew Fisher on the internet or on official records.

It goes further, however. In addition to the creator of the site being unauthentic, all of the testimonials are as well. Several parties have investigated this binary options broker site to discover that the testimonials are provided by paid actors. Therefore, there is no basis for their praise or recommendation.

The Turbine XO Software

Apparently, there is a reason for this. Turbine XO software is supposedly foolproof. Based on the statement given by Andrew Fisher, Turbine XO software has been designed to consider the Wall Street trading algorithms.

Straight off the bat, it is easy to tell that this is yet another falsehood. This is because there is no set of trading algorithms. Each trading firm has their own algorithms that they use. There is not a single set of strategies or techniques that every trader follows. This, too, is simply more false advertising.

Since this has been discovered to be untrue, there is no actual foundation for what this software or app was built on. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that it will produce the ‘reported’ results. This is only compounded by the fact that it is improbable that any trader is likely to be right 94 percent of the time.

The uncertainty surrounding the conditions of any market means that neither human nor computer can be right quite so much of the time.

The Conclusion

It is very clear from the very beginning that Turbine XO is nothing more than a scam. The concept, website, app, and software are all based on nonexistent individuals, strategies, and technologies. It is quite certain that you will be unable to make any money with this broker.

It is also quite possible that you may even lose all of the money that you invest in this particular broker. This should definitely serve as a warning to all those who want to invest in Turbine XO.

Page Updated: 12 December, 2016